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About Thena Holmen

One of my gifts is the ability to create ambience at the dining table that magically transports you and your guests into a peaceful and joyous atmosphere. Guests and hosts alike enjoy spending hours at my tables creating memories while enjoying incredible food and conversation.

I began designing table settings at age six with my mother, who made dining and entertaining an incredible experience to behold. We would combine whatever was available and in season to make the table come alive.

My early design work began in our North Dakota farmhouse where the items available were limited in comparison to the unlimited global access of today. Despite that, my creativity was on overdrive! A state 4H demonstration competition of a table design impressed the judges to award me with first place! This just encouraged me to continue with this passion to enhance dining with an amazing artistic table.

About Set The Occasion

For 26 years I have enjoyed entertaining and designing tables, both at home and at many locations throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Guests familiar with my work immediately race to the dining table to view the table design for the evening’s occasion, photograph and pass it on to family and friends throughout the world. A common comment would be “words are not adequate to describe the beautiful whimsy of your creative tables.”

For years I heard, “You should start a business designing tables.” Therefore Set The Occasion table design was created. I am excited to have the opportunity to share the experience of my unique table creations to an even larger audience. They can be created for a guest, around an heirloom, a menu, an event or holiday, or by combining your personal table items with mine. Any style is possible—minimal to extravagant.

It is my privilege to be able to create your dream table.

I welcome you to browse the portfolios to get a small flavor of my work. There has been a learning curve in setting a table for a professional photoshoot vs for dining. Many new portfolios and photos will be added, so check back frequently.